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Tips to Tip the Chauffeur of Your Hired Cab

Originally posted on DF Cabs:
Those who travel in limousines often find themselves wondering what they should tip the chauffeur, or whether they should pay at all. First-time travelers are even more bewildered than that. To figure out how much…

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Motor Mouth: The war on cars is more real than ever

Originally posted on New and Used Car Reviews, Comparisons and News | Driving:
Maybe it’s just a sign of impending old age — or, as is much more likely, a little healthy paranoia on my part — but, every time things…

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Three Reasons To Keep Your Eyes On The Road (2008)

Originally posted on Three by M.E./Rhymes of the Times:
1. To see what is ahead. 2. You’re supposed to. 3. To keep from running over something or somebody else for that matter. ======================================================= No distraction- Is the key…

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Uber service debuts in Stockton

Originally posted on Stockton City Limits:
Anyone who has spent time in larger cities such as New York or Washington, D.C., knows how easy it is to get around. Either through public transportation, a cab, or a bikeshare, residents of…

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30 Second Video: Why won’t more roads and transit cure traffic congestion

Originally posted on GoProGreen.com:
30 Second Video: Why won’t more roads and transit cure traffic congestion? | streets.mn http://ht.ly/vVMze

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New Ford CEO will have big shoes to fill as he looks toward driverless future

Originally posted on Financial Post | Business:
Mark Fields will take the keys to a Ford Motor Co. that is lean, profitable and a far cry from the near-bankrupt carmaker taken over in 2006 by his predecessor, Alan Mulally. Fields nonetheless…

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Prom Isn’t Far Away…

Hey NYC This is great info here as well. Don’t wait do the homework now. Believe it or not there a lot of companies who will not. Do proms either. So research who’s riding and in what thoroughly.

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Why electric cars aren’t a silver bullet

Originally posted on Dustin Tyler Joyce:
“It’s staggering really, how much of a city is set aside for cars, and how unwilling we often are to even share that space with other uses and users,” Brent Toderian writes on his…

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