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pile up do too one down others not seeing it.

 Tonight on the way home I witnessed a rear end collision between two cars at a traffic light. Luckily the car rear ended driver kept calm was able to prevent hitting car in front of her. She did this because she did not get real close. The lady that hit her was simply going too fast and trying to anticipate when the light was changing. Realized too late and bingo not serious but some damage to first and second car numbers for sure. 

They did every thing calmly with exchanging info and so on I was actually glad to see that much, but they did the dumbest thing ever of standing between the 2 cars in the head lights to exchange information. I even asked them three times please step up on the sidewalk and do that.  I got the look over the shoulder thank you we’re ok.  I can see your okay but let’s use some common sense and stand on the sidewalk before another car comes along and hit into your cars stopped in the road.  It was like what are you talking about we have the hazards on. I mean really people think they could have been crushed between their 2 cars because they refused to get on the sidewalk.  

 It got me to thinking, so as I sat waiting on the bus I started counting. What was I counting ? Oh just how many cars went by creating an unsafe driving condition with either the lights not on, or some of them not working. Driving too fast as well which is what caused the accident. So in span of 8 minutes I counted roughly 20 different cars go by with lights out or not on or speeding through the yellow or just speeding period. It was amazing. 

So what’s the answer? More road checks ? Oh wait they only do them in good weather broad daylight or dusk. I mean. A simple thing like lights on when wipers are on or when weather conditions are overcast and not so good looking. The only ones who seem to remember the law and common sense rule of lights on are bus drivers (Mta) not school buses. And tractor trailer drivers mostly. I mean we have the technology in the cars and it is not being used properly. Blythe way did you notice no mention of police,fire,ambulance,  or any of the delivery services, not even taxi or livery services. None of the real professional or so called professionals follow the rule or law.  And you know what’s amazing is those that do rarely  do it in there private vehicles.

People it saves lives more so than cops sitting at corners to see if you wait for everyone to cross the street or not. More so than the pulling  someone over for driving while black or because you don’t look like your from the area. Those same people getting hit or runned down  probably still be alive if they saw the lights before the car. Think about this white cars disappear literally on sunny days and snowy , sleet  rainy days. Grey or silver  disappear in fog ,rain  and overcast days. Blue, black, or any dark. Colored car will not be seen at night on a clear night much less in foul weather. If a hybrid they will not even hear you coming much less see you.  

I donot have the statistics but I am sure the highest accidents are in these colore type vehicles. What’s the answer? It is simple USE SOME COMMON SENSE when driving. Car break down try to get over to the right if able. If stranded in the middle of a busy road stay in the car wait for help no matter how long it takes. Being in one piece is worth the wait. Be wary of strangers who might offer to help. If  not sure. Stay in car wait for police  or your cars roadside assistance vehicle. Even then be wary as well. Always have an emergency go bag in the vehicle of triangles (set up behind the safely) maybe flares a blanket or two, cables, small hand tools , first aid kit and fire exthinguisher. Some water and protein snack bars or something. 

Remember when it hasn’t rained in a long time the roads become very slippery with all the built up silt and oil and what not on the roads. Leaves are like driving in the snow and worst you Don’t know what is under or in them so becareful. They hide big potholes and water puddles just like snow does.  You have to also think about speed , encase you don’t know it can kill. No speeding up in the block to make a light, it just might be your family coming out between the parked cars. Just because you drive a 4×4 or an awd it does not give you special privilege to drive like the roads are clear. He’ll even off roaders know that or should any way!. 

Stop buying cars so called loaded if your not even going to bother to learn how to use everything. He’ll I see people still not using there  Bluetooth systems in the cars. Much less the other technologies it might have. All we need is for people to start driving again and stop thinking the cars of today should do it all for them. We donot need autonomous wheels just people taught how to drive the laws and rules of the road properly. Drivers common sense as well . Stop think while your driving about driving  and the other things of life too because we just have too. But when behind the wheel put driving upfront. We are all guilty of forgetting these things from time to time and that’s when accidents happen. You cannot prevent them all but a little common sense and trying hard to obey the rules of the road will save lives and property. 

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