I am a commercial sales representative for a major auto dealer in the Nyc area. I service the entire Tri-state area Connecticut and new Jersey and Pennsylvania.  I have been in this line of work for over 15 years now. I live in Westchester and  I am a native new Yorker.  I am a BNI member as well as a member of the New York Ford truck Club.

I service businesses with fleets of one to infinity it does not matter. I give you personal service from the start. I help you analyze what you have against what you do and maybe show you something better that will or can be more cost sufficient for your business. NO need to worry about where dealer is I come to you and will work vis all forms of comunication that make it easy for a sole propieter to the large fleet manager to find what he needs. 

sounds good I can be reached via:


  1. mercerd says:

    interesting material, where such topics do you find? I will often go

  2. Update to me and who I am. This is all new to me not sure what is right and appropiate at times. Trying to always figure out how to get across that i am not the tipical car or truck salesman. My friends know and some of my customers who keeep me in the loop and call me whenever know as well. I am the guy you want to do business with, regardless of the company name under which I am affiliated with at the time.

    My delema is how to get this across to evryone else. Being good in your mind and thinking you do the right thing is just not enough so if anyone has suggestions I am always willing to listen.

    Yes I concentrate on people with businesses that use fleets of cars and or trucks or the individual who has a somall type of business that requires a truck of some kind but I can help with car purchases for the individual as well.

    zTry me I do not think I will dis-appoint everyone.

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