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Talking about dead ahead band plays

  Quote dead ahead band plays Hosted by: WARREN FOREMAN AND DEAD AHEAD Date and time: Friday, July 17, 2009 from 9:00 PM to 11:45 PM Location: BIG DADDY’S View this event on Windows Live

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I look for those who run fleets of 1 to infinity and need a real good upfront person to talk to for consistent pricing and knowledge of the vehicles and laws surrounding application of the vehicle. This is especially handy with those looking for multiple passenger vehicles for churches and daycare and after school centers. I even show people vehicles they never even thought of that just might prove out better than the original vehicle they were looking for at either the same cheaper or some times higher price. But it is always the vehicle that in the long run will help the company or persons bottom line which is profitability and or ease of doing business. I am especially useful with this approach to the new businesses and start-ups.

My claim to fame I guess is that I will come out to you and meet you in the office or field to discuss those needs. usually with a good look at what you do, I can show you if not a different vehicle then perhaps a better way to set it up to make you and your business more efficient. Communication and trust on both sides that all the information needed is accurate and up front will make the difference.

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