I have worked now for the same Auto Groups in NYC for the last 14 years.  I have had my ups and downs with them over the years. The people with in these groups have taught me and mentored me to become a successful and decent commercial/fleet salesperson and as of late a semi Knowledgeable manager for a commercial division of a dealership brand or auto group.  So much so that I had an opportunity to build such a thing for the group with the understanding of having the time to see it through.  A job that can take from 1-3 years depending on how much support is actually given by the Auto group’s senior management in creating the division.

It was the opportunity of a life time something I thought I was not interested in trying to do until it was thrust in to my lap. I attacked with what I knew and the help of my Teachers, mentors and the commercial community to create what should have and was on the way to becoming the most well-known place to come to for any type of commercial vehicle up to 19,500 gvw. I had the ability to help anyone get in to any vehicle from 9 different brands.  4(four) of which are the most sought after in the Country.  But they instead chose to open it all up to their used car departments and retail stores and so destroyed the momentum and the potential for great things and a lot of money to be made.

But the old saying seems to be true “when one door closes another will open for you”.  If your good at what your do and people recognize you for your work and accomplishments you will advance.  I believe that is what has happened to me with in the last few months. My reputation and my work has taken notice in the community both through word of mouth and LinkedIn and some other social media platforms. There by causing me to answer several different request for resumes and interviews for possible open positions. All things over the last 2 years I had ignored or walked away from until now.

Now I decided to listen a little more closely and shop my worth so to speak. and found out that I am a desirable asset to the right places. It felt kind of good to have people interested in you and contacting you for your work history and resume or because friends and colleagues say this is the guy you need to speak too.

After careful consideration I made a decision to go with an Auto group here in NYC although I was approached from as far away as Ohio and Georgia.  So I tendered my resignation effective this Friday  (7/28/2017) to my current employers and to date there has been no contact. something that has helped me get over being nervous about this whole thing and if this was what I needed to do?  Mind you my wife felt 2 years ago it was time.  So in 7  days I will be sitting in a new showroom for Commercial business with a new dealership.  I will be contacting all that I know then to let them know just how to reach me and will be getting to work to become number 1 in the NYC area for Commercial/fleet vehicles.

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Just read a great article and listened and watched the history of this classic owned and restored  car by a family who cared about it’s history.  Take a look at and read and enjoy.


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I read this article By a Steven Lang on how the Auto parts giants are dying off slowly as the Online Parts suppliers come online.   I can see it because you have the ability to order anytime day or night from anywhere and get the parts you need to get the project done, or back on the road after a breakdown.  The only problem I see is when you do have a breakdown on the road and need the parts that day to get back on the road to continue a trip or vacation.  Yes the online presence will be cheaper at times but then again they can be a lot more if they have cornered the market on particular parts or rare parts at times. Read his article below and voice your opinion if you have one.



How can you compete with a business that doesn’t need to make money?

Believe it or not, some of the world’s best companies have emerged victorious from this exact David vs. Goliath scenario. Way back in 1973, an upstart known as Southwest Airlines had to do battle with Braniff; a billion dollar airline that enjoyed a heaping load of regulatory protections from the government. This level of protection was so bureaucratic and strong that Braniff even managed to get a not so small army of lawyers and Texas politicians to temporarily eliminate Southwest’s ability to sell airline tickets.
For those of you who have followed Tesla’s struggle to sell cars over the last several years, this big cartel version of gaming the system hasn’t changed all that much. Thankfully, Southwest developed one hell of an edge.
The 1970s fun, cheeky, and unapologetic advertising helped Southwest weather the storms of the marketplace, but there was far more to Southwest’s success than just smiles, scantily clad stewardesses, and sassiness. Southwest introduced a long list of efficiencies that forever changed the competitive landscape of the airline industry. Southwest became so efficient, that the once protected competitors were forced to change and innovate, or die.
Who won? Pretty much everyone except the Braniffs, Pan Ams and TWAs of that time.How can you compete with a business that doesn’t need to make money?


© Provided by TIME Inc. Editor’s Note: Today’s average fare remains below the $350 level.

It doesn’t take decades for the small to become big anymore. Let me offer a personal example that led to a recent $20,000 boost to my own bottom line. Seven years ago Autozone, Advance Auto Parts and O’Reillys were my top three suppliers of auto parts for my auto dealership along with an auto auction that I operated near downtown Atlanta. I was on the commercial side. So I received some relief over the inflated markups of a walk-in retail customers like you, But my checkbook still got beat up an awful lot due to the lack of competition in the industry.


© Provided by TIME Inc.

All the brick and mortar companies went to great lengths to keep parts prices artificially high. Back then these three companies would furnish different warranties, different parts numbers, and even different name brands from the same suppliers to wiggle their way out of any price matching request. You wanted an a/c compressor or an alternator for less? Good luck! Google shopping wasn’t ready for prime time, and Amazon Prime didn’t provide two-day delivery. Even with a commercial discount, I couldn’t come close to matching today’s online retail prices.
So I paid through the nose until around 2014. Right around then, Amazon Prime became a serious competitor to those who were willing to wait a couple of days for their parts. All of a sudden a $200 auto part became a $100 auto part. Shortly after that Rockauto went into high gear and the price dropped even further.

Within a few years buying auto parts on the internet became capitalism incarnate with junkyards (car-part.com) and parts specialists (1-800-Radiator.com, LKQ Online) offering easy interfaces that let every consumer have same day service for a long list of parts. My waits became shorter, my parts bills became far cheaper, and my business with the auto parts retailers went down by nearly 80%.
What did they do? Nickel-and-dime tactics. A non-stop assembly of hoops and gotchas that made business with them a complete pain in your ‘rear end assembly’. They would price match everyone… but Amazon or Rockauto. They offered discount codes off their inflated prices with cryptic alphanumerics (PART40, TRT30) that would change almost weekly for no reason. If those codes expired, tough luck.
There were certain vehicles that I still needed parts for that day, which involved too much labor time to risk buying used. So I would bite the bullet and pay a premium on a few of those parts. But then I had what can only be called my ultimate “F*** it!” moments. Wrong parts. Hours on end wasted trying to wait for parts that weren’t available. Supposed deliveries that never took place. This non-stop mess of ordering parts happened… every… single… week.
The online world gradually became easier to deal with while the once reliable employees at these stores were replaced with 18 hour a week part-timers who received minimal training and zero benefits. The auto parts stores often competed against their own online operations. This level of crazy is why, today, I go well out of my way to avoid ordering parts from them.

Why did all this happen? Simple. The big three auto parts retailers now have over 15,000 stores. The overwhelming majority of which are within a few miles from each other. Cannibalization of a shrinking audience is never a good thing. That level of overhead is dwarfed by the nearly 200,000 individual parts that have to be constantly shipped, stored and delivered to wherever the most immediate exists.
Three companies performing the same function with the same level of overhead is a recipe for disaster once all three lose their pricing power in the marketplace. What will it take for that to happen? Not that much. It all comes down to one unique service that Amazon is slowly pursuing right now: same day delivery.
Amazon will likely achieve that service within the next three years. It may take a not so small army of well positioned distribution centers that already sell everything from books, to produce, to auto parts, to millions of products that just require boxing and shipment. Or Amazon may produce a buyout of a commercially strong competitor with a premium reputation (NAPA Auto Parts). This would further their logistical capabilities. Amazon can also partner or acquire third-party parts suppliers that already provide same day service (1-800 Radiator, LKQ, maybe even your local junkyard).
Amazon may also be able to launch a ‘Prime’ membership program that offers same day service for commercial customers such as auto repair shops and fleet operators. Or, they can provide tools and diagnostics that allow mechanics to use scanners and online repair guides that are coupled with their Amazon auto parts listings. Think of an Amazon Fire tablet with an OBDII scanner and a reasonably sophisticated diagnostic program. Instead of calling a store and sometimes having to drive out to pick up that part, your mechanic can just do a few clicks and that’s it.
Unless the auto parts retailers can merge, consolidate and innovate on an Amazon level, they’re dead. All three are already on a death spiral and unlike the Braniffs of yesteryear, there are no local bureaucrats that will save them from a free market.




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A 1962 Jaguar E-Type Series 1 Fixedhead Coupé barn find, one of the greatest sports cars of all time, will be auctioned by Classic Car Auctions (CCA) at its biggest ever sale taking place at the Practical Classics Show on April 1-2 at the NEC, Birmingham. Abandoned for almost 20 years, the car is a […]

via E-Type abandoned for 20 years — Mister Motor Mouth



THE revolutionary hypercar being co-developed by Aston Martin and Red Bull Advanced Technologies, formerly identified by its codename AM-RB 001, has now been officially named the Aston Martin Valkyrie. The name continues a fine tradition of Aston Martin ‘V’ cars. This began in 1951 with Vantage, which was selected as a name to distinguish high-performance […]

via Aston Martin hypercar to be called the Valkyrie — Mister Motor Mouth



Oregon is a great state for auto lovers and drivers. We have great weather for much of the year, relatively traffic-free highways, and some of the most beautiful roadside backdrops you’ll ever experience. From our salt-free winter roads to possibly the friendliest DMVs in the country, there’s a lot to love about Oregon driving. Here […]

via Road Tripping in Oregon – Take Your Favorite Vehicle and Go! — Butler Auto Group’s Blog

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Michael Hobbes on refugees in America: “‘They need our help,’ she said. . . . I remember being struck by that, the simplicity of it, the clarity of genuine, actual, real-world grace being defined in four words right in front of me.”

via America’s extreme vetting — Discover

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Americans Remain Wary of Self-Driving Cars

Interesting article on how we Americans are responding to self driving cars of the future. Not sure where most of you stand but I am not to thrilled with it. Like the article states I like some of the features that is for sure which help make driving safer.   But not too keen on letting it do it all especially if it is a decision of how to crash the vehicle in an unavoidable incident. doing calculations and basing it on logic may not be the best option some times.

Source: Americans Remain Wary of Self-Driving Cars

Cardboard art

What an incredible gift to have and share.

Mister Motor Mouth

BRITISH artist Chris Gilmour, 34, creates amazing lifelike art using just cardboard and glue.

His works range from an Aston Martin DB5 and Fiat 500 to a Harley-Davidson. The objects are so realistic that during past exhibitions people have tried to interact with them as if they were real items, just covered in paper.

Gilmour has taken recycling to another level, creating his lifesize art from used and discarded boxes found on the street. Many of the works even feature some of the old branding as a reminder of the packaging’s mundane past life.

Based in Italy, Gilmour started his cardboard art by experimenting with small domestic items, such as coffee pots and a typewriter, before moving on to larger, more complex projects like the Lambretta scooter and Ford Hot Rod.

The artist creates his support-structure-free creations using just two components – boxes and adhesive. “I like the idea of…

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Country’s top classics compete

I am just wondering what will be the top car. Will it be a luxury type or family type or sport or custom? will it be from a European born Manufacturer or British or American? Kind of fun waiting to find out the final outcome. Any one care to bet or give an opinion?
I like a Jaguar for the top honors But really believe it will be a Rolls Royce or Daimler.

Mister Motor Mouth


THE very best classic cars from across the country, as nominated by classic car clubs in the UK, are set for a final face-off in the Meguiar’s Club Showcase at the Lancaster Insurance Classic Motor Show, at Birmingham’s NEC from November 11-13.

The 16 cars have been selected by winning top honours at their club’s national events and cover an incredibly diverse range of cars, with a combined value of over £500,000.

The finalists include British favourites from the likes of Mini, Jaguar and MG, alongside Volkswagen’s Beetle and Golf.

The Mini comes courtesy of Andy Nash, whose Traveller won ‘Best of Show’ with the National Mini Club. Fans of V8 engines will be drawn to Howard Guiney’s MGB V8 that won the Concours d’Elegance at the MG Car Club’s MGLive! event at Silverstone this year.

Ford are well represented with two cars making it into the final, with Geoff…

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